The Colleen and Erin Marlatt Scholarship Fund is open to high school students who attend a Catholic high school or college students attending University of Maryland College Park. The Applicant must be the dependent child of a full-time teacher or administrator with at least three years experience, currently serving at a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.


Completion of the scholarship application will be a joint effort between the teacher or administrator and his or her dependent child. The annual $2,500 award is renewable for 3 additional years provided that certain minimum standards are maintained. Award winners are not required to reapply each year.



Eligibility is limited to:

Full-time teacher (30 hours/week minimum)


Vice Principal


Ineligible positions include:

Teacher’s aide

Administrative assistant



Religious education director

Other school employee




The Application consists of:

A completed application form of Financial information, either:

High School Applicants: FACTS Grant & Aid via


UMCP Applicants: An actual or estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) based on FAFSA

Two letters of recommendation in support of the student:

One letter from a teacher who has taught the child within the last two academic years, and

The other from a member of the community at large

An essay written by the student applicant answering the following question:

“Who has influenced your life the most, and how have they shaped your future?”

One letter of support for the parent from a senior administrator or pastor of the parish at the school where he or she is currently employed

A parent employment verification form